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In a beautiful valley at the foot of Mont Blanc rises Courmayeur (1224 m), the pearl of the Western Alps, one of the most important European ski resorts, famous throughout the world.

An elegant and exclusive is frequented by international tourists.

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30 January 2016
Aosta, January 30/31 The triumph of the typical, traditional and artistic has a millenary exhibition of Aosta. Founded as a fair for selling farm tools built in winter, over time has expanded, combining side events extremely suggestive. For thousands of visitors, including many foreigners, an opportunity to admire the works of art of famous artists from the Aosta Valley, as well as baskets, rakes, barrels, furniture, shoe, lace, drap, hemp fabrics and wool, stone objects soapstone and ... live the beautiful veillà holiday!
11 July 2016
Saint-Rhémy-en-Bosses, July 11/12 The feast of Jambon of Bosses always takes place during the second weekend of July. The most important day of the festival is obviously on Sunday, during which ProLoco organizes entertainment, restaurant with dishes and food stands. So in addition to the Jambon can appreciate products such as lard, honey, brown bread, homemade ice cream, organic marmalades, ... to match course in Val d'Aosta wines and, this year, the craft beer "B63 ". Our objective is to offer each year a typical product different. During the last year we had the beer "Les bières du Grand-Saint-Bernard". Every year a great success, the products of Valle d'Aosta are always appreciated!.
10 August 2016
Morgex, August 10 Night of San Lorenzo, night of stars, magical night. And what better mix of magic and wine? The event takes place in Valle d'Aosta, in the vineyards of the Blanc de Morgex and La Salle, with tasting of the product accompanied by the performances. Past editions of the event took place at the Belvedere - Colle San Carlo, with tasting of Vin Blanc and guided astronomical observations.
15 August 2016
Oyace, 15/16 August Here is a country of Valle d'Aosta who wanted to give prominence to their traditions which holds much. Why Fontina? Obviously because it is produced in its territory, wild and rugged and at the same time fascinating. This is Oyace. You will find a cheerful village festival where many stands have and give you the chance to taste this typical cheese, the basic element of the local cuisine. Do not forget to savor not only the culinary delights, but also that air of magic that pervades the country, a place of legends, gorges, bridges...

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