Summer in Courmayeur

What to do in Courmayeur in the summer?


Courmayeur is both a town with an ancient and fascinating nucleus and an Italian alpine station; for this reason it allows sporting activities at all levels and holidays in the middle of nature for the whole family.

In an optimal position between the center of the town and the start of the Courmayeur cable car The Triolet hotel it is ideal for sportsmen and families with children who, staying with us, have everything they need close at hand for an unforgettable holiday!

Summer sports in courmayeur

Certainly the opportunity to play sports in the summer in Courmayeur is not lacking!

Those who come on holiday here can take advantage of many different options both in the town, with the well-equipped Sport Center and in the surrounding area with all the activities in the fantastic Val Ferret and Val Veny.

Here you will find a brief summary, divided by activity, with useful references to the sites where you can find information in detail.


In the summer, the summer slopes become fantastic trails for excursions, walks or mountain bike trails and climbing or mountaineering trails.

Among the best known il Tour of Mont Blanc, 170 KM, one of the most beautiful treks in Europe.

In 12 days you go through a ring and you can starting from Courmayeur towards the Bertone refuge (4 km away, reachable in less than 2 hours) or 4 km after the Bonatti refuge.

There are two routes, "basic" and "unusual" more difficult.

There is no need for guides because they are well signposted and very popular, but a paper guide is essential in order to know what awaits us at each stage. If you don't want to bring your own tent and sleeping bags, there are shelters all along the way. Here you will find all the information in detail about the stages of the TMB.


Courmayeur is also located on the two Alte vie of the Val d'Aosta

Alta Via 1 and Alta Via 2, two circular routes that allow you to cross the entire Val D'Aosta.

Alta Via 1, or Alta Via dei Giganti, it develops between Monte Rosa, Cervino and Mont Blanc. Well signposted and with paths wide enough and marked to be easily followed, it can be followed by any hiker even at a basic level (especially in some parts at lower altitudes, at 2000 meters).

The total route winds between 2000 and almost 3000 meters and is articulated on 17 stages of 3-5 hours of walking each between woods and meadows. Obviously, for each stage you will find hotels, campsites and shelters.

Alta Via 2 or Via Naturalistica allows you to admire flora and fauna, such as ibex, eagles and chamois, along the way. The ideal period is the end of July, in full bloom. This too is well marked and accessible even to hikers with no particular experience. Has 14 stages of 3-5 hours of walking which from 2000 meters reach up to 3300 meters of Col Loson.

Both high streets are traced in detail on the beautiful tourism site of Val D'Aosta and to see all the routes that start from Courmayeur just enter "Courmayeur" in the link  "Search for trails by municipality" where you will find a very useful list of 58 routes with differences in height and difficulty that start from Courmayeur.

Just select the path and you will have all the information, including the zoom of the track.

Via ferratas

There are 3 via ferratas that start directly from Courmayeur of the 16 routes open in Val D'Aosta.

Aided path Mont de la Brenva  from the Pavillon refuge (difficulty: Expert Hikers with Equipment duration 1,30 h)

Equipped trail Boccalatte refuge from the Courmayeur motorway exit (difficulty: Easy duration 3,30 h)

Via ferrata to the Monzino Refuge from the Courmayeur motorway exit (difficulty: Little Difficult duration 2,45 h)

For all information, please refer to the appropriate section of the tourism site of the Aosta Valley 


Climbing in an outdoor and indoor climbing wall.

Indoor Climbing: free climbing on open-air rock is the best but even when it rains you can train at the Courmayeur sport Center from Tuesday to Sunday.


There are many existing tracks to which the route was added at the end of July 2021  La Palud and Lavachey and there are big plans for 2022 like the new trail (pedestrian and MTB) in between Courmayeur and Chamonix with return by public transport bookable through the app, equipped with bike racks.

2 treadmills for the 2 downhill slopes and an exercise area with many facilities to improve balance at a cost of 10 euros per day.

Information: Bike Park MTB Mont Blanc Fraz. Dolonne (behind the town) 11013 COURMAYEUR (AO)  

Phone:(+39) +39 348 8769005 Email:

If you are already an expert and just want to have indications of the tracks, here you will find a list of the best mountain bike trails in Courmayeur

For the more trained there is also the Mont Blanc tour by Mountain Bike  210 km of spectacle with shelters for 5 days.   bike and Mountan Bike tour on courmayeurmontblanc

MTB summer event  17, 18 and 19 June 2022 - Courmayeur - Dolonne show and fun on Mountain Bike in Courmayeur including the Italian XCC Championship, the Italian Youth Cup and the International Italia Bike Cup event. 

Horse riding - Horse trekking

Do you love the feeling of the wind in your hair and of being one with the horse?

Just 7 km from the Hotel Triolet, the riding school Cheval d'Aoste Mont Blanc allows various activities: from the baptism of the saddle for adults and children up to horse trekking in Val Ferrett.

CONTACTS Loc. Planpincieux - Val Ferret 11013 COURMAYEUR (AO) Tel: + 39.392. 3723761  Email:

Tennis, Squash and Ping Pong 

Al Forum Sports Center in Courmayeur you can take lessons in tennis and squash (for lessons info 338 6983695) 

Also at the Forum Sport Center there are 3 tables of Ping pong (info Tel: 0165.841612)

4 Tables of Ping pong also available in the Club des Sports recreation area (Tel: +39 0165.89570)

In Pussey locality you can book individual and group courses of Tennis and Squash on 3 large uncovered red earth. (info Tel: +39 334.1035477)

Swimming: where to swim in Courmayeur

From the Courmayeur cable car a few meters from the Triolet hotel, you can reach the Plan Checrouit's heated 20-meter swimming pool at 1.750 meters, open in July and August. The view around is spectacular. There are also changing rooms, a solarium, a sauna and a bar. (Tel: +39 347 4517516) 

Sport fishing

Trout fishing in the reserve of the Dora in Val Ferret it is ideal for a fantastic day immersed in unspoiled scenery, peace and silence. 10 km along the banks of the river for classic fishing and no-kill fishing.

Or you can opt for the sport fishing lake in Lavachey in Val Ferret, 4km from Courmayeur where there is Cesare Ollier's trout fishing estate. You only pay for what you take home. From June to September, without fishing permits, to let your children try to fish too. (Info Tel: 0165.89279) 

Other fun activities

A Totem Adventure 10 minutes from Courmayeur (to Pré St. Didier) there is rafting also for children!

You can find every type of descent on the water: canyoning e kayaking, Rafting, canoe e hydrospeed.

For accompanying persons: lawns for sunbathing and picnicking. Babysitting service to allow even those with too small children to participate.

Free parking and wi-fi connection.

A new experience? At Totem Adventure you can do the tandem flight and you are at ease. Think of the whole instructor. You just have to have fun! You will not jump off a mountain but will fly high after a run on the lawn.  

The center is in Pre Saint Didier. Info for all  Phone: + 39 335 81 14 734

Do you want to try your hand at a team game between trenches and forts and find out if you have good aim?

Paintball is an adrenaline and team game, for those who love strong emotions.

In Loc. Planpincieux in Val Ferret for info: Tel. +39 3486521468

Rainy day? Do not worry, among the alternatives we also have the Courmayeur Mountain Cinema (Palanoir)  to watch a film in its two 434 and 120-seat rooms with comfortable seats and covered parking (for a fee). In Piazzale Monte Bianco 3, Tel. +39 0165 843726.

Film programming on the Facebook page of Courmayeur Cinema

What to do in Courmayeur with children in summer

In the mountains with small children? it is important to alternate with the trips also moments of play and relaxation for the little ones. Here are some ideas to amuse them in Courmayeur.

Fun park in Dolonne

A 10-minute walk from Courmayeur. Adjacent to the Dolonne cable car and also accessible by car but little parking. 

Breathtaking location ideal for the little ones: donuts, jumpers, pool with balls, swings, swivels and various games. For parents, a bar with wi-fi where you can also eat.

 Phone info: +39 366.2686776

Courmayeur Sport Academy

From 7 to 14 years old bike academy to learn mountain bike stunts. visit the website of Courmayeur sports academy for more info

Park Stamp

In the municipality of Courmayeur there is the Bollino public park which in the upper area has an area dedicated to children with lots of games for the little ones, slides, swings, pulleys, climbing nets.

Equipped with benches, fountains, refreshment points and public toilets. Also comfortable with strollers. Public parking in the immediate vicinity.

High-altitude adventure park

8 km from Courmayeur, above the ravine, is the Mont Blanc Adventure Park. There are suspended routes of different difficulties, with walkways, lianas, rope bridges, which you can repeat several times. For those who love the thrill there is the zipline of the ravine: a path with the pulley suspended on the ravine of Saint Didier. You can also do the path in two, accompanied by one of the staff. Restaurant available on site.

Here rates and routes of the Mont Blanc Adventure Park.

Other activities to do in the summer in Courmayeur

Skyway the eighth wonder!

A panoramic climb towards Mont Blanc with a futuristic cabin that rotates on itself and allows a 360 ° view during the entire climb. An unforgettable experience!

The stop at the terrace of Punta Helbronner allows you to wander 360 degrees of the surrounding mountains, treat yourself to a lunch or breakfast sitting on the terrace, relaxing in the sun while admiring Mont Blanc.

The interesting is included in the experience exhibition of ancient crystals where you can appreciate the varieties of Mont Blanc crystals collected over the years by crystals.

Charbonnier Balloons offers an exciting flight in freedom and peace, in silence to admire the wonderful mountains below you. Over 3000 meters high everything is different and peace and silence will amaze you away from the chaos of the world. (info Tel: +39 339 852 6950

With the Courmayeur cable car at 2165 meters then a 45-minute walk to the Maison Vieille refuge and then take path 6 for another 40 minutes of walking (one kilometer of road with a difference in height of 200 meters). The pond is a small body of water with incredible colors and obviously icy waters. A great place to admire Mont Blanc in all its glory.

Alternative route: the Maison Vieille chairlift from Dolonne directly to the refuge and then a 40 minute walk to Lake Checrouit.

Easy route for a suggestive show. Leaving the car in La Visaille, proceed on an asphalted road (1 hour and a half). The pond is at 1.955 meters. Splendid panorama and refuge, Cabane du Combal, where to stop (coffee and sandwiches).

6 km tour (much of the route is on an asphalted road and towards the end there is a bar) in Val Veny at 2.020 meters. The path of about 1 hour and a half is wonderful for the view around the lake which is opaque due to the debris that detaches from the surrounding rocks. It can be reached with a short walk from the picnic area (reachable by car) NB: inquire about the situation before each trip, in August 2021 a landslide changed the lake.

A half hour drive from Courmayeur is a splendid park where animals live in freedom. 

The walk takes about 90 minutes. 

Fantastic experience for your children who will be able to admire animals rescued from zoos or injured and that after being treated can no longer live in nature. Here they find food and care while living in a large area and not in a zoo.

Better to carry the children in the backpack even if it is feasible with the stroller.

Info on the park at this link

Inside the park you will also find the Maison Bruil of Introd, an ancient rural house where you can discover how people and animals lived together in ancient times and also visit the Introd castle 1260, here timetables and prices:

In Les Combes you will find a museum: history of the papacy in memory of Pope John who stayed here. Free offer (Info Tel: +39 0165 99290). 

Free attraction


For those who love walking there is an easy path on foot near the thermal baths of Saint Didier to see it breathtaking spectacle of the gorge dell'orridor. The dirt path (about 1 kilometer) has a height difference of 180 meters and can be covered with sneakers and it takes a little more than half an hour to reach 1209 meters.

Alternatively a easy 10 minute walki starting from the Mont Blanc Adventure Park. Leaving the car at the free parking you will arrive in 10 minutes on a dirt road, at the panoramic walkway.


For those who do not suffer from vertigo, remain suspended at a height of 160 meters on the metal grid walkway over the gorge of the Orrido di Pré-Saint-Didier, it is a unique experience.

You will have one priceless view of the Orrido waterfall and on the thermal spring cave and all around the Mont Blanc chain, on the Pré-Saint-Didier valley with the 3 villages of Champex, Palleusieux and Verrand,

Just a quarter of an hour's drive from the Hotel Triolet, in Val Ferret, find a route a 9 beech with double starts. Different available practice areas and the academy to learn or perfect the technique! 

Not so obvious to have this possibility at over 1500 meters above sea level and with an excellent quality of the track, breathtaking views and all the services available.

Golf also for the little ones with the summer club! (for info

We are waiting for you at the Hotel Triolet!

We remind you that we are always available to help you find the best activities for you and your children so that your holiday with us is unforgettable! 

Call us! Tel: +39 0165 846 822